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  • LavenderMist buzzed...
    • Take care everyone and please do feel free to delete me off list if ya can , cause I sure haven't been able do much for months now.
    • BlueRose1197 : Sorry! I have to delete them out to get them to stay gone also. And I can't move the blocks while using IE, have to use FF to move the blocks around. May 24 14 3:37 PM
  • LavenderMist buzzed...
    • Well won't let me delete nothing so hmm guess ya dump it when ya get tired looking at it YUKU!!
  • LavenderMist buzzed...
    • Is leaving Yuku so be clearing page and friends out. :(
  • LavenderMist buzzed...
    • Happy Saturday!!
  • LavenderMist buzzed...
    • I have 2 shadows now attached to my hip hehehehe
  • LavenderMist buzzed...
    • Happy Sunday Everyone :) *coffee*
  • LavenderMist buzzed...
    • "Somebody to lean On"
  • LavenderMist buzzed...
    • Sorry if ya see deleted material, pB messed up and I deleted some folders not thinking, so will get fixed eventually ROFL :-p
    • spherical : PB has been a royal p.i.t.a. lately and I try and not use it at all with my skins and profile Katie. Jan 17 14 7:14 AM
    • Dougie G2 : hmmm........ PB works fine for me. You two broke it!! Jan 19 14 4:14 PM
  • LavenderMist buzzed...
    • Happy New Years Eve.. be safe if ya going out or drinking, see ya in 2014!!
    • spherical : Happy New Year Katie and wishing you a wonderful 2014 :) hugsss Jan 1 14 4:33 PM
  • LavenderMist buzzed...
    • All is well be back soon borrowing friends to say this and change skin 2 Christmas LOL
    • Dougie G2 : Oh never noticed the skin change. ;-p *runs* Dec 16 13 5:45 PM
    • LavenderMist : Watch the ice and snow!! :-p Dec 16 13 7:37 PM
  • LavenderMist buzzed...
    • Wishing Everyone a great Holiday and be safe, stay warm!! Huggles
    • NutBar : Thank you and same backatcha sweetie! Dec 29 13 5:25 PM
  • LavenderMist buzzed...
    • Hope Everyone is safe after the storms. ((huggles))
  • LavenderMist buzzed...
    • Saturday 11/16.. Hope all is well, stay warm and safe. Huggles
  • LavenderMist buzzed...
    • Happy Sunday, hope all in the Fall back zones moved ya clock back.. or ya late :-p LOL
    • Dougie G2 : I should have fallen back into bed. Never mind the clocks. ;o) Nov 3 13 3:56 PM
    • spherical : I did this morning and I recommend it to anyone Dougie hahahaha Nov 3 13 6:50 PM
    • LavenderMist : LOL I like to do that today!! Nov 5 13 2:25 PM
    • Dougie G2 : No! Get busy you!! =o/ Nov 6 13 3:00 PM
  • LavenderMist buzzed...
    • Hello , sorry everyone, been dealing with family emergency. Be Off for while check in when I can. ((hugs))
  • LavenderMist buzzed...
    • Hi Everyone, Hope y'all doing well. Huggles
    • Dougie G2 : Thats it!? Where is my coffee damn it! *scowl* Aug 28 13 12:56 PM
    • LavenderMist : In the Damn pot LOL..Hiya Grumpy :) Aug 29 13 8:01 PM
  • LavenderMist buzzed...
    • On the run, Morning Everyone.. Happy Canada Day to all my Friends celebrating today. Hope to be back later, Huggles
  • LavenderMist buzzed...
    • Happy Thursday.. busy day for me today. Hope everyone has a great day. Huggles
  • LavenderMist buzzed...
    • Happy Father's Day to all the dad's out there. :)
  • LavenderMist buzzed...
    • Happy Sunday everyone!

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